Vivan Powerbank Review

Few month ago, I bought a 5.600 mAh powerbank for my mobile gadget. The product was from one of the most brand, Vivan. After the first use and today so far, there are some opinion about such a product. Now, I will share my opinion ini this short Vivan Powerbank Review.

Before I talk about Vivan Powerbank Review, I will inform you that today, many brands of powerbank products available in the market, making us confused to pick one of them. For you who are brand minded, surely chosing the most popular brand might be your first step. However, be very careful that today, many piroted products are sold. 

Vivan Powerbank Review
Back to Vivan Powerbank Review, I would rather say that Vivan is truly one of the most recommended brands among others. The first time I opened the box, unboxing it, I found its unit, cables (1 short and 1 long), 6 different connectors for Iphone, Ipad, BlackBerry, Android, and so forth, electricity plug and wrapper. All are neatly packed in its elegan box.

The condition of the product at that time was 95% charged, which perhaps this product lose its 5%power when stored. Principally, I could use it directly to charge my mobile. However, I needed to make it full before use so I recharged again the powerbank for about one hour. This was the first step I treat such rechargeable battery.

After fully charged, I used such product to charge my mobile gadget which had capacity of battery around 1.350 mAh. It took only around 2 hour for the powerbank to charge my mobile gadget. Nice and so simple. It helped me much when mobile. For such capacity, I could use it for about three time charging. Today, after around 6 month I use Vivan powerbank, it is still good and give me extra power when mobile. 

For you who are looking for the best powerbank, this Vivan powerbank can be one of your considerations. Vivan is getting more popular and has good quality of battery. In fact, many products are out there, but do not too confused to choose. Pick the best one. That's all about Vivan Powerbank Review. Best regard.

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