Best Powerbank Charger Buying Guide

Hello, looking for new portable charger to accompany your mobile gadget? Well, now we come to the right topic. This is The Best Powerbank Charger Buying Guide

In buying powerbank portable charger, we must bear in mind that not all such products are suitable for our gadget. We have to consider some importnat aspects of it, such as voltage, current, and capacity. To make it clear, these are some points we have to deal with:

 Best Powerbank Charger Buying Guide

Make sure its output voltage is as high as your original charger (normally 5.0 volt for most mobile gadget), never buy a powerbank that has output voltage too high from your charger unless the battery of your gadget will be easily damaged. 

Electrical Current
The higher the better, which means that it will shorten the charging process of your gadget. Check your original charger, when it states 5.0 V - 2.0 A, it will be ok to buy a powerbank that has info 5.0 V - 2.5A as it will be faster to charge your gadget

See the battery inside your gadget, when it is written 1.500 mAh, find a powerbank that at least has double capacity, 3.000 mAh. The higher the better as it will fully charge you battery, with some power loss during charging process. 

The three points are the main concerns when we want to get the best powerbank for our gadget, that we call  Best Powerbank Charger Buying Guide. Other aspects such as size, design, and color are our own preferences. Additional function i.e. flashlight is sometimes not so good for mobile purpose. Regards. 

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