What is mah on powerbank

It very often people ask about the important of mah on powerbank. Sometimes they ask: what is the different between 8.000 mAh and 12.000 mAh. To know exactly the meaning of mAh, we have to know the basic component of this product. Thus, this time we will discuss about what is mAh on powerbank.

As we all know that powerbank is a portable charger or some people call it as a mobile charger. Powerbank can keep power and transfer it to another battery when mobile. The main component of this gadget is a rechargeable battery, which has various size, widely measured in mAh (mili Ampere per hour). Therefore, the bigger mah, the bigger its capacity.

What is mah on powerbank
For example, when we have a 8.000 mAh powerbank, it means this gadget has longger use compared to a 4.000 mah. If we use this powerbank to charge an ordinary mobile phone, which usually has 1.300 mAh battery, it can be used ideally until more than 6 times. 

However, there is also some power which loss during recharging process. Thus, sometimes it is not as simple as 8.000 divided into 1.300 that makes 6x and more. Often, we can only use 8.000 mAh powerbank to charge 1.300 mAh battery 5 times due to such power loss.

Interpreting such explanation, we can grab what is mah on powerbank. The bigger mAh the better it should be, and of course the more flexible it will be. Simply, mAh on powerbank points to its capacity to charge other battery. Surely, the more capacity, the more expensive this product.

That is all about what is mah on powerbank. Make sure you know exactly what the fucntion of powerbank and how to use it before buying it, not only because it has big capacity (mAh) but also because you really need such capacity. Read all the article to help you understand what powerbank is. Regards.

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