Yoobao Portable Powerbank Review

As our need for portable charger increases, the presence of Yoobao powerbank in the market seems to fulfill such a need. Why is that? What can this power bank promise? To know deeper about this product, here is Yoobao portable powerbank review for you.

Yoobao itself is a big company from China, which has manufactured various accesrories, specially battery for mobile phone, smartphone, and PDA. This company has more than 70 agents/dealers in 59 cities in China. Their products are high quality and hold CE security certificate as well as ROHS environment certificate.
Review Power Bank Yoobao
Yoobao Powerbank
Manufactured by such a big company, yoobao powerbank has many superiorities. It is so flexible as equipped with many connector such as for  Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, and Apple. With elegant design, yoobao powerbank offer also additional function, that is LED torch.

Yoobao powerbank is one of the most popular powerbanks in the market. This popularity makes Yoobao widely recommended both by sellers and buyers.  Not only its quality is good but also its after sales service. 

The popularity of Yoobao powerbank seems to bring certain chance for many entities to maked piroted products of Yoobao powerbank. In some cases, this pirocy is so smooth that many people have difficulty in differentiating which is the original powerbank product of Yoobao and which one is not.

Being a high-quality products, Yoobao powerbank has a range of normal price. The lower price until the highest one seems a bit more expensive than other products in the market, and this is a normal condition as a wise man says "Good price, good quality." These are some of them:

Yoobao  YB611 2600 mAh 160rb 
Yoobao 3400 mAh YB620 190rb 
Yoobao 4800 mAh YB602 250rb 
Yoobao 5200 mAh YB626 255rb 
Yoobao 4400 mAh YB627 210rb 
Yoobao 7800 mAh YB637 295rb 
Yoobao 10400 mAh YB647 330rb 
Yoobao 6600 mAh YB635 275rb 
Yoobao 8800 mAh YB645 300rb 
Yoobao 11000 mAh YB655 370rb 
Yoobao 13000 mAh YB655 Pro 420rb 
Yoobao 7800 mAh YB636 300rb 
Yoobao 7800 mAh YB651i 370rb 
Yoobao 8400 mAh YB632 380rb 
Yoobao 11200 mAh YB642 425rb 
Yoobao 13000 mAh YB651 460rb 
Yoobao 13000 mAh YB651 465rb 

That is a slight review of Yoobao portable powerbank. If you are curious to know more and feel its quality, make sure you know well about powerbank, how to use it, and how to treat it before buying such a product. Happy choosing the best powerbank.

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